Seed germination stages

Water absorption phase
In dry condition, the seeds are excellent for storage. They contain less than 15% moisture, and their germination should be moistened and moistened with water. The water absorption is very quick at first.

Cellular respiration stage of seeds
When sufficient moisture is provided, the seeds absorb water and swell, thus stimulating the activity of enzymes to store food in the seed.

The growth stage of the seed embryo
Once the enzymes are activated in the seed, the materials stored in them begin to turn into simple compounds that are transferred to the embryo. The seed embryo then begins to grow and divide in the latter stage and continues to develop due to the metabolic process that contributes to its transformation into seedlings.

Stage of root formation
The seeds then develop into the root root, varying in shape from one seed to another. Once these roots begin to emerge, a small plant begins to emerge and ultimately penetrate the soil. This plant begins to make its food from the nutrients it consumes from the soil To form a larger plant.