The Mona Lisa and some hidden secrets

"Mona Lisa" is one of the most famous and most important paintings in the world throughout history, by the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. This painting has many secrets that the world reveals to us every day.
Da Vinci began drawing the painting in 1503, and finished in three or four years after parts of the painting was completed in 1510 This painting is the foremost concern of the owners of antiquities and antiques, the world, and those who copy copies, in order to be close to them.
There are a lot of strange things in this painting, and the first of these oddities. The look that follows the viewer wherever he goes is a kind of visual deception that Davinci has cleverly used with a complicated geometric drawing that no one has yet fully reached.
The mystery of Mona Lisa's mysterious mythical smile is sometimes thought to be smiling and sometimes it ridicules you. It was said that Davinci was renting a clown to make the Mona Lisa keep that smile throughout the period he paints.