The most beautiful 3 cities in Turkey

1- Istanbul :
Istanbul, the city of magic, beauty and history, and the only city on two continents of Europe and Asia, your journey to Turkey is complete only by identifying the treasures of the city of Istanbul, the city of minarets, as some would call it, where many historic mosques of unique architecture such as the Blue Mosque Or Sultanahmet Mosque, which is considered the most important tourist destination in Istanbul for many visitors.

2- Antalya :
It is said that those who did not visit Antalya as if he did not visit Turkey! .. It is the capital of Turkish tourism, visited by millions of tourists annually from all over the world, with its stunning natural scenery and amazing geographical terrain, making it a kiss for tourists looking for the splendor of nature and history and civilization, Famous for many European tourists.

3- Bodrum :
Of the wonders of the old world. Bodrum is still on the list of the best places to visit in Turkey. It is a tranquil and relaxing area surrounded by beautiful views and charming bays. It has a large harbor where you can take a boat trip to the nearby bays and dive. The city is characterized by its low white buildings and an international airport half an hour from the city.