Top 3 TV Manufacturers

1- SHARP :
Some may be surprised by the fact that Sharp's television has taken first place instead of Sony, who has been in the lead for a long time. Sharp offers TVs ranging in size from 52 inches to 90 inches (like Aquos), with all the features that many are looking for. History tells us that Sharp was the first company to produce large-scale TVs in 1953. Moreover, the company was credited with introducing large-screen TVs. It is no surprise then that Sharp has been ranked first in this list, which has always been a leader in innovation and development.

2- SONY :
Sony has a strong reputation as the world's largest maker of TVs according to market standards. Sony has been a major success in the production of electronic games and music devices, but its TV is still among the top products of the company. Sony does not get into the familiar, but goes beyond it to come up with innovative technology that you can see in your eyes and touch it with your hands. As one of the world's most successful companies, Sony is introducing home-made TVs with exceptional design and innovation.

3- Samsung :
Samsung has made a huge leap in the technology world. Having been named the number one company in the field of smart phone production from Apple, Samsung competes strongly in the world of entertainment and entertainment, specifically television sets. The high-quality images, whether 2D or 3D, that characterize Samsung mobile phones, are also what distinguish their Full HD TVs, of course, along with other benefits that come with luxury.