The largest 3 aircraft manufacturers

1- Boeing :
One of the largest and largest civil aircraft manufacturers in the world, is a national citizenship and based in the state of Chicago, was founded on the fifteenth of July in the flag of 1916 AD, and is working on the manufacture of civil aircraft known as large as the (Boeing 747) A plane with a capacity of seven hundred seats

2- Airbus :
One of the largest aircraft manufacturers and the strongest rival to the US Boeing, and the origin of French and originated on 18 September 1964 AD, and spread its factories in the most important European countries economically and industrially (France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom), but its headquarters is in Toulouse in France

3- Bombardier Aerospace :
It is ranked as the third largest manufacturer of civil aircraft, making it a race to compete with Boeing and Airbus, a Canadian company based in Dorval, Quebec, with a staff of 38,000. Xpress 5000).