Explore some monkey species

Gorilla is the largest, most violent and aggressive of all types of monkeys, and is famous for its movement beating her chest when she is angry or threatened with danger This is what we saw in the film king kong, spread in the center and west Africa, between 1.2 - 1.8 meters, The adult gorilla weighs about 220 kg.

Monkey baboon
The monkeys live in the tropics of the Asian and African continents. These monkeys are characterized by pockets in their mouths for food preservation, long tail and broad brimmed eyebrows, thick hair in the neck, and five different species of baboon, Spread among different monkey species.

Mandrill monkey
In West Africa, especially in the state of Cameroon, it is characterized by its large nose, which is like the nose of a dog and its teeth sticking out, making it look like a deadly predatory animal. On the contrary, it is a pet, eating fruit and insects.